SIGG Bottles are innovative, forward-thinking, and suited for the target market. The values that consumers associate with the SIGG brand are well-known, Ecological, 100% recyclable, environmental compatibility, and preserving resources. Swiss, commitment to perfection maintaining “Swiss made” authentic and real. Design, is more than just a pretty bottle. With spare parts and accessories, SIGG bottles last and withstand the test of time. SIGG. The art of hydration excellence since 1908.

ESB coffee comes from the origins of Coffee in the world “Seyo-Nolle Estate”, and it is a 100% Arabica Special Rich Coffee. Further, it is surrounded by the appropriate care to keep it going forward. This makes ESB coffee an expert’s choice for premium Arabica coffee.

PB Swiss Tools develops and produces uncompromising Swiss quality: precise, durable, and reliable for 140 years. Anybody who drives screws professionally will appreciate these excellent tools.

Work with the best

Tete de Moine AOP is produced in less than 10 cheese diaries, where it is aged for approximately three months on spruce boards. It is one of the few Swiss kinds of cheese to have been granted the protected Designation of Origin, AOP. This AOP provides a guarantee of the consumer that each Tete de Moine is Original and Produced in the Swiss Jura Mountains, in accordance with traditional methods and strictly supervised Originally produced by monks in the Monestry of Bellelagia for 800 years.

The ISTOR AG company was founded in 1964 in the town of Frauenfeld, Switzerland by Josef A.Schefer. Still a family-owned business but with the second generation now in charge.

In the early nineties, Josef A.Schefer invented the original Istor SWISS Sharpener. This sharpener is 100% SWISS-Made with impressive features as for quality and universal functionality too. Istor Sharpener, became worldwide popular being a useful tool for home, garden, and also during work. It could be used for sharpening knives, scissors, and blades in the kitchen and for any household. It is an indispensable companion that could accompany you anywhere.

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