Special Coffee

Special Coffee

At ESB Co we have stablished our own coffee brand named “ESB Coffee”. This coffee comes from the origins of Coffee in the world, and it is a 100% Arabica Special Coffee.

Some info re our special coffee:

100% Arabica Coffee, Premium Grade 1-2, Exquisite Quality Beans. Washed or Naturally (Sun-Dried), grown at 1500-1600m altitude. Unique taste of bright acidity, creamy body, complex aroma & smooth fruity taste. “ESB Coffee” is Rainforest alliance & UTZ certified. 

At ESB Co, everything is provided from the importing of the coffee, roasting, grinding and packing. Therefore, ESB Coffee is always guaranteed to be fresh, healthy and vegan coffee. It is freshly roasted, grinded and packed coffee. Not to forget, ZERO Additives!

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